Corporate Wellness

If your company values health conscious leadership,  you want your employees to wake up every morning looking forward to work. You want them to put focused, productive energy into their tasks and responsibilities. You want them to be observant, conscientious, and innovative when challenges arise.

How does it work?

Our Corporate fitness programs go for 3-6 months depending on your company's needs and goals. First we hold an initial seminar for your employees to do their assessments and introduce them to the fitness programs. Then we do monthly checkups to make sure your employees are on track. We can also organise weekly training sessions for your employees combining a wide range of activities from SELF DEFENCE to BOXING and STRENGTH & CONDITIONING. CONTACT US now to discuss options.




This is where VFITDC  comes in.


We want to get to know your team, learn about their goals, and help them discover the connection between a hard-working body and a sharp, clear mind. We want to show them that improving diet and activity levels will enhance the things they already do well, while helping them better manage the challenges they face.

Productivity             Employee Stress              Staff Retention         Group Benefit Costs



Assessment of Workplace Need


Our corporate health team will review workplace needs with your HR managers; conduct health-risk assessment interviews with select personnel in all departments of the company; manage a needs assesment survey of all staff.  Based on the collected data, our wellness coaches will help your organization plan and implement effective workplace wellness strategies.


Put our team in place to support your team!



Work Place Wellness
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Small Group Training
Fitness Workshops

Custom Fitness Programs

Let’s work together to design a fitness strategy that fits your team perfectly.

We have lots of options including:

  • Running + Walking programs

  • Group weight loss programs

  • Team fitness + exercise challenges

  • Fitness benchmarking

  • Stretch Therapy

  • Energy breaks in meetings or at conferences

  • Pre + post-shift stretching sessions

  • On-site group training sessions

Office Environment Audit

-Do you have healthy drink and snack options?

-Are there nearby trails for lunch-hour walks?

We’ll take a thorough look at your office and offer suggestions about how to make it better suited to healthy employee lifestyles.

Health Coach Program

Enlist the help of our Nutrition + Life coaches as you and your team make a concerted effort to replace poor health habits with good ones. Whether in a group setting, or one-0n-one sessions, each person will create an individual plan for moving forward.

Employee Health-Risk Profile

We will assess various health risks: nutrition habits, sleep habits, heart disease, stress levels, and use outside sources (physicians, medical-labs and health auditors) to help your employees understand how their lifestyle is creating potential health nightmares down the road.


Bring our team in to help you address a specific topic, or for a general day of healthy ideas. Let’s get your team thinking about improving their health and well-being. (We can even tell them how it will increase their productivity and job satisfaction – but that might be overselling it!)



Nutrition is often the most challenging part of making a healthy change. The first thought in most people’s minds is,So, what can I eat?!That’s where we come in. VFITDC nutrition coaches will help your team with all the practical pangs of getting healthier. From meal planning to shopping and cooking, we have helped many busy professionals figure out how to fit it all in.  Learn more about our approach to nutrition.

Total Body Workouts In Washington DC, Maryland And Virginia.
Train for strength, endurance, flexibility and more with your VFIT Trainer, all in the comfort of your home, office, hotel gym, or outside in local parks.
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Boutique group fitness class delivered directly to your building.


No more crowded and often intimidating health clubs! Training is exclusively done in the privacy of your own home, private gym, or outside in a local park. 202-709-VFIT

Resident Fitness

Resident Fitness

No more crowded and often intimidating health clubs!

Resident Fitness

Resident Fitness

Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout

Skip the Gym... workout in a local park.

BoxFit DC

BoxFit DC

Signature Classes

Signature Classes

FistBell Core Fitness

Roof Top Yoga

Roof Top Yoga

Training is exclusively done in the privacy of your own home or our private gym.

Corporate Fitness Class

Corporate Fitness Class

Circuit Training Class

Circuit Training Class

We Come to You!

We Come to You!

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