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With our experience, we have proven that when people look for a place to call home, they are more driven to the conveniences & amenities offered at that location.
When it comes to Health & Fitness we know best and that having to leave and commute to the most local gym in the area for a quick sweat can be inconvenient and cause most people do not want to commit to a workout program, so they quit or give up! That's why we have created these amazing on-site programs that are ready and available at their own doorstep.
We do understand that every community is different, so we come in and design a program that fits your property & Residents needs perfectly! From seasonal programs to year around programs we would like the opportunity to make your property stand out from the rest!  

On-Site Aerobics Classes
This program gives you the option to have a certified instructor come to your location and teach an on-site class. 

Boot Camp
Kickboxing/Self Defense 
Kids Fitness
Sports Performance
Other: Class of your choice

Specialty Programs
VFIT Offers a variety of specialty classes that we can provide upon request. These classes require a little more set up so we do require at least a month's notice for marketing and scheduling. We have realized that people extremely enjoy looking forward to a fun day of fitness for themselves and their families.

Aqua Cardio (If the pool is available)
Swimming Lessons (If the pool is available)
Massage Therapy
Nutritional Seminars & Cooking Demonstrations

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