40+ Personal Training


Are you 40 and over and noticed changes in your body, such as increased body fat, memory and thinking issues, low levels of energy, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, and not being able to handle stress like you once did?  


These are all natural changes that many men face over the age of 40 due to a decline in hormones as they enter the phase of andropause, which is the male equivalent of menopause.  Since many men don’t talk much about this condition, they usually end up not doing anything about it and suffer from a lesser quality of life.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I offer holistic life coaching and personal training services specifically for men in midlife to turn things around to look, feel and move better.   I can help you regain your health, fitness and confidence to live your life to the fullest, such as:

  • increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat

  • speeding up your metabolism

  • improving your mood and disposition

  • enhancing your mental focus

  • handling stress more effectively

  • sleeping better

  • having more drive and confidence in your life

  • significantly boosting your sexual performance

Here are the 10 specific steps involved in the process:

  • First, I do a complete evaluation on your current health and fitness levels by conducting various questionnaires, request a blood chemistry test, and fitness assessment tests.  The goal is to find out what factors are causing you to feel lousy and any underlying health conditions you may be unaware of.

  • Step 2, I coach you to create your own life vision, goals, and action plan to attain the results you desire.

  • Step 3, I design, coach, and train you on strength workout routines which focus on creating lean muscle with toning and shaping, core development, injury prevention, and efficient movement.  All workouts are changed every 2 weeks to avoid plateaus and enhance progressive results.

  • Step 4, I design, coach, and train you on various cardiovascular workout routines which focus on cross-training, high intensity with low impact, and maximum calorie burning and fat burning.

  • Step 5, I design, coach, and train you on various flexibility routines to strengthen ligaments/tendons, prevent injury, increase range of motion, and move better in your daily life.

  • Step 6:  I teach you healthy eating habits and provide you with sample meal plans according to your specific metabolic rate designed to fuel your workouts, and at the same time, delicious and tasty.  You’ll also learn how to select various androgenic foods, herbs, and supplements to naturally boost testosterone levels for better vitality.

  • Step 7:  I provide recommendations for nutrition supplements for healthy, energetic living, and vitality.

  • Step 8:  I provide coaching tips to live a healthy lifestyle, such as stress management, sleep, and leisure.

  • Step 9:  Periodic formative evaluations to hold you accountable.

  • Step 10:  If necessary, based upon a network of established relationships, I refer you to a progressive doctor in the Houston area (this is optional and is only recommended for individuals with severely depleted levels of testosterone or other medical issues).

What I Expect From You:

  • Make yourself a priority in your life

  • Make a commitment to let me coach and train you 3 – 5 days per week.

  • Complete reading assignments

  • Be consistent with your nutrition and exercise log

  • Voice any concerns immediately

  • Be on time for your appointments

  • Come prepared and ready to exercise

  • Have fun!