Total Body Workouts In Washington DC, Maryland And Virginia.
Train for strength, endurance, flexibility and more with your VFIT Trainer, all in the comfort of your home, office, hotel gym, or outside in local parks.
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Boutique group fitness class delivered directly to your building.

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You have no excuse for not reaching your fitness goals, because we provide services that will ensure your success!

First Step
All  Training programs begin with a complimentary consultation where you share your goals, activities you enjoy, and receive an assessment. You’ll then enter into a partnership with your trainer who will coach you through a customized lifestyle program. 


Fresh Start fitness packages include:

* Fitness Assessment: An introductory workout to measure your strength, flexibility and endurance.

* Wake-up Calls

* Nutrition 101

* Monthly Grocery Store Trip

* Weekly Food Journal Evaluation

* Biweekly Body Fat Assessment

* Measurements (taken monthly) 

* Ongoing Coaching: 24/7 Support from your trainers


One-on-One Training

Not all types of training work for everyone. Lose weight, get toned, go hard-core or do low-impact exercises, we can design workouts that you are comfortable with and will have fun doing. 

Small Group Training 

Organize a small group of 4-8 fellow VFITTERS (other fitness enthusiasts, friends, family, co-wokers with a similar schedule).   

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Personal Online Training

VFITDC offer affordable, interactive customized online training programs. Your Trainer Builds Your Custom Fitness Program.