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You have no excuse for not reaching your fitness goals, because we provide services that will ensure your success!

First Step
All  Training programs begin with a complimentary consultation where you share your goals, activities you enjoy, and receive an assessment. You’ll then enter into a partnership with your trainer who will coach you through a customized lifestyle program. 


Fresh Start fitness packages include:

* Fitness Assessment: An introductory workout to measure your strength, flexibility and endurance.

* Wake-up Calls

* Nutrition 101

* Monthly Grocery Store Trip

* Weekly Food Journal Evaluation

* Biweekly Body Fat Assessment

* Measurements (taken monthly) 

* Ongoing Coaching: 24/7 Support from your trainers


One-on-One Training

Not all types of training work for everyone. Lose weight, get toned, go hard-core or do low-impact exercises, we can design workouts that you are comfortable with and will have fun doing. 

Small Group Training 

Organize a small group of 4-8 fellow VFITTERS (other fitness enthusiasts, friends, family, co-wokers with a similar schedule).   

Start Your Group Today.

Personal Online Training

VFITDC offer affordable, interactive customized online training programs. Your Trainer Builds Your Custom Fitness Program.

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