We recognize the dedication to health and wellness put forth by non-profit organizations and educational institutions worldwide. In many cases resources are scarce or simply non-existent. We feel that the health and well-being of individuals should not suffer due to limited funds and/or resources. ​


“Vigor Lifestyle by VFIT ", was designed as a way to continuously give something back to our community all year long. VFIT is a local company based in Washington DC that offers a variety of health and wellness services.


1: Our core values ​inspire us to support many causes both at home and around the globe.  

2: Our goal is to do our part in giving back to the community and helping those among us who are less fortunate.



*If there is a charity that means a lot to you, just shoot us an email and  we can add them to our list.

2013 Lawyers Have Heart Race Washington, DC

Here are some of the many causes that we are proud to support: