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Our clients can expect the “best-of” customer service with a strong focus of daily activities geared toward health and wellness, all the while catering to the many other areas that are a part of creating a memorable travel experience. VFITDC has identified all of the barriers that inhibit people from incorporating fitness into their lives and invites clients to discover their full capabilities once excuses are eliminated. 

We take pride in offering a wide range of services in order to provide the best experience possible. offers personal training, health coaching, gym design and management, massage, meal delivery, and client program design, catering to all aspects of the client's needs and desires. The VFITDC Concierge team is comprised of industry-leading fitness professionals with a keen eye for customer service and excellence.

• Personal Training services.

• Fitness Assessments

• Equipment Orientations.

• Fitness + Wellness Community Events.

• Group Fitness Classes: strength, high intensity, yoga, cycling, and more.


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