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V.FIT DC Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp classes are 45 minute classes, and each class includes 20 to 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines using one’s body-weight and 15-20 minutes of strength training using free weights and body-weight. The endless variety of exercises and instructor style insures that no two classes feel the same, and that every class feels new and exciting.
Our programs are based on a 3-6 month Programs in which we push to see big results in just 90-180 days!

Wedding Countdown






As you prepare for one of the most important celebrations of your life, its easy to forget the key element..YOU! Let our trainers get you the body you want for your dream day.

Simply fill out our easy contact form to redeem complimentary personal training assessment instantly:

​​​Join our V.FIT DC Indoor/Outdoor sessions and enjoy a similar personal training experience in a group setting! These are sports inspired workouts to help you lose weight, tone up, build strength and stamina. These high-energy interval training classes are fun, motivating, and great for all fitness levels. This could be a great addition to your 90-Day Challenge or your own personal exercise plan.

 ​​Get Lean Classes - High Interval Cardio Drills to Slim Down
Get Toned Classes- Light Weights and Intervals to Add Definition
Get Stronger Classes- Increased Weights and Reps to Build Lean Muscle & Strength
Get Focused Classes- Workouts geared to target Specific Areas

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