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Bridal Emergency 

Didn't have enough time to schedule workouts because you were busy planning your big day?

Our Bridal Emergency Kit is the perfect solution for the bride who has less than 30 days to slim down. We don't believe in starvation or crash diets! We have designed a healthy (but intense) exercise and nutrition plan for the bride who is short on time. 


Ready to look great on your wedding day, our training program is for you!


Results - guaranteed! 
Your 12 Week FitBrides Program Includes:

  • One-on-One Personal Training Sessions with a certified personal trainer

  • Nutritional Counseling to facilitate your workouts

  • Customized Strength, Cardio and Flexibility Programs to get you results

  • Fitness Assessments so you can measure your progress

  • Unlimited Email and Phone Coaching to keep you motivated

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