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Your Questions, Our Answers

Please read carefully and if there is anything that you think may be problematic, contact us.


Payment Policy:

​**All fees are to be PAID IN FULL at time of first session.**

1. The client agrees that they are in good physical condition and have explained any injuries or physical limitations to exercise.

2. Please make checks payable to V.FIT. All bounced checks will incur an additional $50.00 processing fee.


3. All personal training packages have expiration dates. Our goal is to keep clients  accountable for the goals we set at the start of each program. The expiration dates help ensure that you get the results you want.


Expiration dates are as follows:

  •   4    Session package:   6weeks

  •   8 Sessions packages:  8weeks

  •  12 Session package:   10weeks

  •  20+ Session package: 14weeks


Cancellation Policy:

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for both client and V.FIT staff. Emergencies (non-work related) do not count, of course. Inform us via email as soon as you know you cannot make a session.

Sessions missed without 24 hours advance notice will be deducted from package. V.FIT staff will be held to the same standard. If a V.FIT staff member must reschedule a session he/she must do so within 24 hours or the next session is complementary (Free).


Rescheduling Policy:


Within 24 hours the client may reschedule their appointment. By rescheduling you retain session (no loss of session), client pays $18.00 1/2 hour training and $35.00 for one (1 )hour training rescheduling fee, which will be added and invoiced to the client at the end of month.


Please renew your package one (1) week before its completion to avoid unwanted breaks in training and to secure your spot in our schedule.



Session Guidelines:
  • Arrive and be ready no later than 5 minutes prior to class start time. If class is scheduled for 6:30pm, it will start at 6:30pm.​

  • Dress in proper attire, warm up and be ready to exercise at your scheduled time.​

  • Stay hydrated!​

  • Eat at least an hour before class and bring something nutritious to eat after class (orange, apple, low fat granola bar, etc).​

  • If you feel weak, dizzy, nausea, joint pain, etc...stop and inform your instructor.​

  • Don’t let this be your only workout of the week...try to incorporate 2-3 other days of cardio and strength training during the week.


Bootcamp/Outdoor Class Weather Policy:

In the event of unpredictable weather situations:

  • Call your instructor to confirm for class no more than 30 minutes prior to class start time.​

  • In the event of threatening weather and a cancelled class, that class may be made-up in another scheduled class during that session.

Items needed for bootcamp class:

  • Exercise mat

  • Towel and bottle of water

  • Wear comfortable workout clothing and sneakers


Additional Notes:

  • ​Your money back guarantee wll not be in place if you are only training once a week with your VFIT Trainer.

  • You must train at least x2 a week to ensure the money back guarantee stands.


If I am to go on holiday I uderstand that I will get my time added onto the end of 12 week program. However I understand I will be tested(maesured) directly before and after to ensure Health and Fitness has not reversed to much. The trainer reserves the right to void  the money back guarantee if test have changed too much.

Sick days:

  • If you are ill you are to provide a doctor's note in order for money back guarantee to still stand in place.

  • Time missed with note, will be added onto the end of 12 week program.


If after the 12-weeks the client has not improved on their health and fitness results from start of the program and has adhered to all conditions, they will receive a full refund.

V.FIT reserves the right to refuse starting the 12 week program with any client for whom it is unsuitable. V.FIT has the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. In the event  of a client being part way through the 12-week program, the terms in force the start of program will be applicable.

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